Who is Chelsea?

Chelsea Sule is a hair and makeup artist located in Los Angeles, CA. She was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she began her beauty journey at her mother's salon, assisting with weddings, clients, and events. 

In 2006, Chelsea moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to attend college, where her love for hair and makeup continued in the popular destination wedding location. In 2012, she joined the Charleston Fashion Week makeup team, which jump started her career in fashion. 

After building a bridal and editorial portfolio, Chelsea was signed to her first agency in Greensboro NC, Directions USA. She also works as a freelance artist with Modelogic in Richmond VA, and Wilhelmina Nationwide.  Chelsea has since worked backstage at New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and on set for multiple publications, commercial clients, and Television series. 

Chelsea currently works as an artist agent at Wilhelmina in Los Angeles, where she manages a team of print and commercial artists. Her passion for beauty is carried on with her event and bridal clients. 


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My Perspective

When people ask me why I love to do makeup, I can never come up with a short answer. I don't just do makeup to look good in public, or to help people take better pictures. I do makeup to get a reaction out of others. That is, after all, the entire purpose of art in general... To invoke a reaction, to cause a change in one's emotions. I view the art of makeup in the same way that I do other art forms in that sense. 

Its a very powerful art form, too. It has the ability to completely change a face, or a body; to adjust color, bone structure, perspective, symmetry, all of it. It turns a human being into a living canvas. To do makeup is to create an artistic masterpiece. And the coolest part is, In the process of it all, i'm Simply the painter. I only play a part of the masterpiece, and I'm far from being the only artist involved. It's inspiring and humbling at the same time. It's a combination of a lot of things, A team effort. As the painter, I control the brush. I can create lines where I want them, I can add any combination of color i want, and contour anything i see fit. I can create pretty, I can create scary, i can even create ugly. I have an endless range of things I can do, and I never tire of any of it.

Then, Theres the canvas: a Human being. The artistic creation of God. Every single feature of every single face is different, and every feature is perfect and finished in His eyes. When you look at each person as God's canvas, you have a completely different sense of respect and enlightenment for what you do. Your work becomes a lot more fulfilling, and you don't take your job as the "painter" very lightly. 

And then there's the person behind that canvas... The soul, the LIFE of the masterpiece. Everyone has a different personality, everyone has a different view of his or herself, everyone has different confidences and insecurities. My biggest goal when I do makeup is to make that person look and feel more beautiful than they've ever looked or felt before. When I hold the brush, I have the power to do that, and I take that power very seriously. I don't just want to enhance the shape ofsomeone's eyes, I want to intensify the eye contact they exchange with others. I don't just want to even-out someone's skin tone, I want to make it radiate and glow. I don't just want to bring out a woman's lips, I want to show off her smile. And most of all, I just want to hand you that mirror when all is said and done, and see that look on your face when you KNOW that you look like a million bucks. 

So the masterpiece comes full circle. Makeup Is so much more to me than it is to most, and I don't believe that I'm As passionate about anything else in this world as I am about makeup. It's almost romantic. I truly believe that I was put on this earth to help make people more beautiful, inside and out. And I will do exactly that. 💋

Chelsea Sule

 Photo: Ben Minor

Photo: Ben Minor